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Sprinthavo (Accelerated) & Sprintvwo (Accelerated)

Sprint towards your HAVO or VWO accelerated diploma or obtain the missing certificates to get your diploma with Drenhe College! You will follow a continuous schedule which requires a level of independence and responsibility on your part. In order to prepare you for the exam, we offer you good guidance provided by professional and involved teachers.

Good to know: the diploma you get has exactly the same value as a 'regular' HAVO or VWO diploma. The pass/fail scheme is also the same.
By the way, did you know that we've had a 100% success rate in our Sprintvwo for three years running?

Conditions for 'sprinting':
  • You are motivated to get a diploma
  • You want to work hard
  • You meet the admission requirements

This can be done:
  • Continue studying at hbo or wo
  • Search for a job